Zabuli School for Girls ~ Deh Subz, Afghanistan

Remember a few months ago when I told you the story of the Christmas party Jeff and I went to that was a Duxbury Rotary Club fundraiser to build a girls’ school in a small town outside of Kabul?  We talked about the culture of Afghanistan and how most don’t see the need to educate girls since the greatest ambition for women is to “be quiet.”  We also talked about how the school hoped to open in March and really couldn’t open before that since it is too cold and the building won’t be heated or have electricity.  Well, they opened on time on March 30th and here is a video of the ribbon cutting and opening-day festivities.   The woman who spearheaded this campaign in Duxbury is the woman in the middle wearing glasses.  Her name is Razia Jan–she’s the International Projects Chairwoman for the Duxbury Rotary Club–you might remember my telling you about her as the woman Jeff offered a glass of wine to much to my embarrassment.   Jeff was only being polite…who remembers why his offer was such a faux pas (something that is considered good manners in one culture, but is inappropriate in another culture)?

At school embedded video won’t show up…use this link to view the video and check out the story and more pictures on the Duxbury Clipper blog (see the link in “What I’ve Been Reading Lately” in the right side-bar).