More Les Miserables

Last year Susan Boyle won over international audiences with her rendition of I Dreamed A Dream….in the musical this is sung by Fantine after she is fired from her factory job, but before things get really rough.


Last year a student sent me this link (hint, hint). The clip is from the 10th anniversary celebration—so from 1990 I guess? You will hear “Do You Hear the People Sing” sung in several languages. It is beautiful to listen to all these different words, yet the message of the song is not “lost in translation.”

However, upon further inspection you will notice that all of the countries represented—all of the countries for whom Les Miserables carries a special meaning—are democracies. So really does this story unite the world or just people who share an ideology?

Living the Dream

By the time you get to my blog over vacation you’ve probably already seen or heard about Susan Boyle and her performance on the British equivalent of American Idol.  Still….it’s just soooo good so I had to post.  Plus, she sang a Les Miserables song….if you see the You Tube version (which has disabled embedding) you can view the lyrics.  In the musical, Fantine sings this song at the beginning of play after her secret –that she has a daughter when she is not married — is discovered and she is fired from her factory job.  But really these lyrics can apply to anyone older who expected something different from life and no doubt Susan Boyle herself.   You won’t be in tears the way people my age are….but I think you will appreciate her passion and her talents–and never giving up on your dreams.